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We are proud to work closely with Eneris Technologies Inc., one of the top reporting softwares in the industry, to provide you exceptional reports that are as thorough as they are easy to understand.

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Home Buyer Inspection

Seller Home Inspection

A vital step in the process of buying a new home is having a detailed and comprehensive home inspection performed. This is scheduled during your option period, after your initial offer is accepted. It is imperative to have this inspection report when renegotiating your offer with the seller. Many deficiencies we find are unknown and therefore undisclosed by the seller when listing. Give us a call anytime for quick and easy quote!

property inspectors in dallas  | fort worth new constructiob inspection

New Construction

A new home construction or phase inspection is crucial when building a home to ensure best practices and quality standards are being met. Generally these inspection packages consist of 4 or more inspection visits throughout the construction of the home. The standards to which we inspect are often higher and more detailed than a governing municipal city inspector.

property inspectors in dallas  | Builder Warranty Inspections

Builder Warranty


In the state of Texas, builders are only required to provide a one year warranty on contract work, such as building or remodeling a home. Often life happens and many homeowners forget to contact the builder before the one year mark, losing out on potential repairs. We can perform a comprehensive home inspection before your warranty expires giving you a detailed list of action items for negotiation with your builder.

property inspectors in dallas  | Pool inspections

Pool Inspection

Have a pool or hot tub? We encourage our clients to have a pool inspection done along with the home inspection.

This is particularly important if you have never owned a pool before. Pool and pool equipment repairs can be very expensive, as well as health and safety hazards when not maintained.

We can perform a pool inspection separate from the house at any time. However, we offer pool and spa inspections at a reduced rate when you add them on to a standard home inspection. You should have your pool and pool equipment fully inspected every 2 years. Give us a call anytime for quick and easy quote!

property inspectors in dallas  | Irrigation Inspection

Of all the automated machines we entrust to take care of our homes, an irrigation system is one that keeps our flowers blooming and our grass growing. But we put a lot of pressure on our sprinkler systems throughout the year. Ice and snow in the winter, lawnmowers running over sprinkler heads in the summer, and of course, consistent use during the warmer months. An irrigation system inspection can save you money, protect your lawn from water damage or drought, and keep your landscaping happy and healthy.

We encourage our clients to have an irrigation inspection performed along with the home inspection. Although we are happy to perform an irrigation inspection anytime, we offer reduced rates when you add them on to a standard home inspection. Give us a call anytime for a quick and easy quote!



Okay much is an inspection, even?
'Cause I'm not like...made of money.

Short Answer: We are competitively priced averaging under $500.

Long Answer: Our pricing structure for inspections is sort of a la carte. When you give us the details of your property, we build your price based off of those specifics. For example, size, age, condition and location of the home are some factors that affect the time it will take to complete the inspection. Everything you need for a typical home buyer inspection will be included in our standard base inspection rate.

We also offer add-on inspections such as Pool & Spa, Outbuildings and Irrigation. As you know, homes are as unique as their owners. This way, the inspection you pay for is everything you need, and nothing you don't.

Because youʼre not like...made of money.

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